Reading passions, intercepting trends and anticipating the times. It was our goal since 2012 when we decided to bring the concept of bikepacking to Italy.

In these 11 years, we created the first real organization of cycling events dedicated to adventure.

A true hotbed of ideas and inspiration where sport, the beauty of the world, and adventure are the true protagonists.

Our events represent the best that sport and adventure can offer and are distinguished by our firm opposition to competitive fanaticism.

For this reason, we firmly promote the concept of “no race” in all our initiatives.

Today, we are market leaders, with events organized all across Europe.

Bright as the North Star, our course is charted and the destination decided. Accompany us on this journey. We will guarantee you an exciting journey.

We’ve worked with:

Our numbers

  • 11 years of experience
  • Team made up of 14 people
  • 19 countries in which we have worked

In 2023:

  • 7,412 km of planned itineraries
  • 6,893 attendees at our events in 2023
  • A network of 500,000 users
  • Unique users on our sites: over 350,000
  • People we reached on social media: 5,250,000
  • Cyclists from more than 45 nations around the world
  • More than 50 videos made in 2023
  • More than 10,000 photos posted

Promotion of the territory:

We’re committed to promoting the regions hosting our events as bike-friendly destinations.

By spotlighting local routes and facilities that cater to cyclists, we aim to showcase these areas as top choices for biking enthusiasts.

Our events not only highlight the natural beauty and cultural richness but also emphasize the accessibility and support that these communities offer to those on two wheels, making them ideal for bike touring.

Promotion of local culture:

Our events are not just about the ride; they celebrate local culture. As we cross each region, we shine a light on the unique traditions and heritage of the places we visit.

We aim to enrich the cycling experience by integrating the cultural tapestry of the host territories, offering participants a ride that’s as culturally rewarding as it is physically challenging.

Promoting food and wine culture:

At the heart of our events lies a journey through the rich culinary landscapes of our host regions. We celebrate local gastronomy by integrating regional delicacies and traditional beverages into the experience.

It’s an opportunity for participants to savor the authentic tastes that define each territory, creating a flavorful ride that indulges all the senses.

This is our way of promoting and honoring the unique enogastronomic identity of every place our wheels touch.

We organize sports events in your region.

In these 11 years of activity, as event organizers, we have involved tens of thousands of people who have generated hundreds of thousands of overnight stays of cycle tourists.

Beyond the finish lines and geographic destinations, the true heartbeat of our events is the sharing of a deeper ideal.

It’s an invitation to rediscover the freedom of two wheels, to connect with nature, and to forge unbreakable bonds with fellow enthusiasts. With every pedal stroke and trail explored, it’s not just the body that moves, but the soul, too.

Our vision transcends mere competition; it’s a movement that celebrates the pure essence of sport. The Adventure as a form of knowledge and personal growth. Together, we create not just events but unforgettable experiences that leave a lasting imprint on the memories and hearts of all participants.

Tuscany Trail

The unique and original unsupported bicycle adventure, in its 11th edition in 2024.

The Grand Escape

A series of bikepacking events that takes place throughout Europe geared toward the largest market in the industry: road cyclists.

Unpaved Roads

Gravel meets bicycle tourism.
Unpaved Roads is a circuit with stages throughout Italy, with a weekend formula.


Inspired by the charm and mysticism of the Great North, the NorthCape4000 is the Adventure by bicycle in Europe’s longest (approx. 4000/4500 km) and the most participated UltraDistance adventure in the world.


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